When we open Davie Dosa Company, we wanted to offer a unique Southern Indian cuisine experience to the locals of Davie St, Vancouver as well as the thousands of tourists heading to English Bay or walking around Downtown Vancouver.

“Best dosa in Vancouver”

The restaurant has now been open for almost a year, and we can tell quite confidently that our customers love our food. But don’t take that only from me. Take that from our customers. Whether customers decided to leave a comment about their delightful experience at Davie Dosa Company, on TripAdvisor, on Yelp or on Google, their feedback has been unanimously the same, Davie Dosa Company offers the best dosa in Vancouver!

Reviews about Davie Dosa Company

You want to know what other customers think about us. Check our reviews on the following website:

I’ve compiled a few of my favourites:

  • Best dosa this side of India from Jeff P. on Tripadvisor – “I just drove one hour to eat a Dosa. I’m talking a traffic jam in the tunnel. But the entire time, I just kept thinking Dosa. Dosa. Dosa. And suddenly, traffic cleared and before I knew it, I was sitting beside the wonderful host and owner Sharv, enjoying the Gobi 65’s and Lamb Dosa.
  • New Dosa spot from Shaw K. on Yelp – “This is a new dosa spot that recently opened in Vancouver. The owner is so friendly and kind. He was very helpful with ordering and spent time chatting with us after the meal. The dosa is very large and perfectly crispy. The masala filling was also not too heavy with a good blend of spices. The Sambhar is a little on the thicker side but still has a great coconut flavor. We had the kulfi ice cream as dessert and this was delicious! There were fresh pistachios on top and the ice cream was so creamy and not too sweet. Would highly recommend checking this place out! They have many other creative dosa options including pizza style.


Have you tried our restaurant yet? It’s time to come visit us! Davie Dosa Company is the first restaurant showcasing Dosas, a unique South Indian specialty, in the heart of downtown Vancouver Davie Village.


“it is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”- Theodore Roosevelt.

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